Our Success Story

Our strong values and incredibly high standards in quality, service, and delivery is what have set us apart since 1977. We listen to you, identify your specific wants and needs, and then design custom solutions to address and alleviate them. But don’t just take our word for it; read the testimonials below to see what our customers have to say about why they choose Fastener Tool and Supply.

Client Testimonials


  • “Top to bottom they have a humble attitude. Willing to work with customers at an intricate level. Whole company attitude from owners to people on the floor – all care. All dedicated every day – so uncommon.” – Aerospace Client
  • “Day to day they are always happy and energetic on the phone. Looking to help. Dedication and follow through to solve complex problems. Greatly affects business – keeps them going! Execute 99.9% of the time.” – Aerospace Client
  • “Service is #1. Customer service. Cooperation. Partnership.” – Aerospace Client

High Performance

  • “Other suppliers are not as reliable; FTS is by far the best.” – High Performance Client
  • “(FTS) has a strong supply chain management process that insulates them from risk. Also, they have an effective stocking strategy and program. In most cases they have inventory that meets (our) needs and they support well. Don’t have to ask twice.” – High Performance Client
  • “Always very pleased with the way Fastener Tool responds when something bad happens unexpectedly. They tend to make a bad situation less bad with their attention to detail and follow through.” – High Performance Client

Commercial Industrial

  • “Only wish all our vendors had that commitment to quality and customer service.” – Commercial Industrial Client
  • “FTS is very honest about pricing & delivery.” – Commercial Industrial Client
  • “Easy to work with, quick turnaround on RFQs and order confirmations.” – Commercial Industrial Client
  • “FTS by far provides us with the best service and is very accommodating to our needs.” – Commercial Industrial Client
  • “We were experiencing issues with fasteners corroding and/or bouncing against each other and damaging their threads. After meeting with FTS and our Quality Manager, they came up with the option of adding black oxide coating and thread protectors for all fasteners over a certain size. Although it costs more, it has saved us a ton of money due to the fact that we are no longer scrapping fasteners overseas; when we ship fasteners now, they arrive in the same shape as when they left our facility.” – Commercial Industrial Client
  • “FTS has always ‘made it right’ in regards to any mishaps. I have never had an issue.” – Commercial Industrial Client
  • “Least mistakes of all suppliers in any commodity. The fastest response.” – Commercial Industrial Client
  • “By far the best supplier in bulk hardware!” – Commercial Industrial Client
  • “Over many years of working together, (we) have developed a great partnership. The level of organization, fairness, attention to detail, and creative approach to providing us with low-cost high-quality fasteners is a critical part of our procurement process. Your dedication is evident in all aspects of the services you provide and is crucial to our company’s continued success. You guys are the best! Thanks for the times that you have gone over and above board to meet our needs. Keep up the great work!” – Commercial Industrial Client

But testimonials don’t tell the entire story; read About Us to learn more about who we are, or Contact Us to see for yourself!