Fastener Tool & Supply fulfills the needs of customers in a number markets and industries. We continue to evolve to support our customers in any industry or market, no matter how demanding. Our business always looking to enhance the quality of our products and services while providing excellent service for our customers’ ever changing needs. We are also constantly looking to expand into new markets and product lines, and add depth to their current products. Click on some of the market images below to learn more about the parts and services that we offer for each individual industry!

Quality aerospace components delivered to you for top flight performance.


Fasteners and components that stand up to the toughest conditions.


Improved fuel economy requires lightweight, durable fasteners and components.


High performance products that perform under extreme pressure, flow, and temperature.

Chemical & Petrochemical

Our economic solutions enhance your ability to compete worldwide.

Consumer Goods

Military fasteners trusted by the world’s top military and defense OEM’s.

Military and Defense

Heavy equipment in extreme environments requires durable fasteners.

Mining & Construction Fasteners

We provide high quality fluid system components offering peak performance.

Oil & Gas Pipe Fasteners

We supply engineered products built for clean, renewable solar power generation.

Solar Power