Fastener Tool & Supply is proud to be a leading distributor of aerospace fasteners for commercial and military aircraft applications. We offer an extensive variety of high performance aircraft fasteners, hardware, and other components.

Wide Variety of Aerospace Fasteners and Products

Fastener Tool & Supply provides an extensive range of high strength, high temperature nuts, bolts, pins, and screws for top flight aerospace applications. We can even supply specialty hardware for unique aircraft that may be difficult to find. We offer thousands of different aerospace fasteners every year, so please contact us to learn about the availability of certain products.

Trusted for Critical Aerospace Applications

Our aerospace fasteners are ideal for the most challenging applications in some of the most demanding aircraft. We source the highest-quality parts and products from some of the most trusted aerospace suppliers, such as Shur-Lok, SPS Technologies, Castrol, and Stanley Engineering. We offer the fasteners that hold the aerospace industry together, so you can trust us to meet your highest expectations for quality and service.

Streamline Your Aerospace Supply Chain

We offer chain management solutions for almost all of your aircraft needs. Our aerospace clients enjoy streamlining their supply chain with Fastener Tool & Supply because we offer faster, more efficient, and more cost-effective supply chain solutions. Optimize your warehouse processes with our VMI solutions to simplify product procurement, assembly, and distribution to cut costs, mitigate risk, improve performance, and meet strict deadlines. Our cutting-edge DigitalBins can automate your replenishment and distribution processes with real-time monitoring technology for error-proof, stress-free picking.

We look forward to working with you to solve your aerospace needs. Contact us now to learn about the high quality fasteners and services we can provide. Start simplifying your aerospace supply chain today!