We supply top-rated hardware from some the most trusted suppliers in the Consumer Goods market. Our high-quality, high-performance fasteners exceed expectations in the most challenging environments and the most critical applications. We understand the important connections that consumers have with their equipment, so we are proud to provide engineered products built for their needs.

Fasteners for Consumer Goods

Fastener Tool & Supply is proud to offer a wide array of hardware and other products for consumer goods applications. However, we don’t have a traditional catalog or line card because we approve and supply thousands of different fasteners and related products. Our offerings include:

  • Self-drilling screws, self-tapping screws, sealing screws, socket cap screws, flange screws, hex cap screws, lag screws
  • Heavy hex bolts, hanger bolt
  • Flat washers, lock washers, sealing washers, Belleville washers
  • Lock nuts, k-lock nuts, flange lock nuts, heavy pattern nuts, flange nuts
  • Mounts, stampings, and brackets
  • Clamps, cable ties, sealants, adhesives, clips, and more!

Products Engineered to Meet Your Specifications

From food-grade and furniture fasteners, to fasteners for wood products or plastic and nylon consumer goods, we engineer our products to meet your qualifications. We supply attractive, maintained parts and products with the finishes and plating that you need. Plus, our products are engineered to maximize your capacity and resource efficiency, helping speed up your assembly times so you can produce more units per hour. We can even provide OEM kitted parts; our dedicated, detailed team can construct your products so they’re ready for easy assembly.

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We look forward to working with consumers to meet their needs. Please contact us to learn more about our fasteners, hardware and products.