At Fastener Tool & Supply, we are proud to supply the most durable, heavy-duty mining fasteners, building fasteners, and construction fasteners available. Our products help to hold the infrastructure of our country together in a variety of ways. Whether you’re working with steel, brick, concrete, wood, drywall, or plaster, we will provide you with comprehensive solutions that will make your job easier.

Offering a Vast Array of High-Quality Mining and Construction Fasteners

Fastener Tool & Supply offers a comprehensive selection of hardware to meet all of our customers’ needs. We have your project covered with structural fasteners, threaded rod, corrosion-resistant metals and plating, and everything in between, ready to ship same-day. And whether you need common or specialty hardware, our in-house quality control team ensures that our products will keep your operations running smoothly.

Mining, building and construction fasteners need to be strong and precise to withstand stress in demanding applications and environments. That is why we work with renowned, nationally-recognized brands such as Arconic, 3M, and Trelleborg. With durable products from Fastener Tool & Supply, your projects will be sturdy and long-lasting.

Ensure a Steady Supply of Dependable Products

Ensure an efficient, cost-effective supply chain with VMI solutions from Fastener Tool & Supply. It’s a great way to cut costs, mitigate risk, and meet strict deadlines for the procurement, assembly, and distribution of mining, building, and construction fasteners, hardware, and related components. Plus, our high-tech DigitalBins can streamline your supply chain by automating your replenishment and distribution processes. You’ll improve performance with real-time monitoring technology for error-proof picking.

Now, contact us to discuss your specific needs with our helpful team. We’ll be happy to provide you with high quality products and services that you can depend on.