We don’t have a traditional catalog or line card because we approve and supply thousands of brand new products every year. We supply over 160,000 items to our customers across the globe. Our teams are equipped to handle everything from your standard hardware, specialty products, engineered specials, consumables, PPE, and everything in between.

Flight critical, specialty, and standard aerospace hardware.

Aerospace & Mil-Spec

Lightweight, durable, and effective fastening solutions.

Cable Ties, Nylon, & Plastics

From aerospace grade hydraulic fluid, greases, and epoxies to primers, paints, and solvents.


Engineered coatings and platings to enhance performance.

Coatings & Platings

PPE, hand tools, storage bins, and everything else to help consolidate your supply chain.

Consumables, Tools, & PPE

Premium metalworking tools to get the job done right the first time.

Cutting, Drills, & Abrasives

PPAP, frozen process, designed controlled, manufactured, or machined to specifications.

Engineered Specials

Standard bolts, nuts, pins, rings, rivets, screws, sockets, studs, concrete fasteners and more.


Tube & hose fittings, adapters, brass, hydraulics, o-rings, and seals.

Fittings, O-Rings, & Seals

From raw material to finished component, our staff provides you cost-effective, quality machine specials.

Machined Specials

10CFR50 specialty & standard products.

Nuclear Fasteners

Specialty bellevilles, retaining rings, hose clamps, spacers, and springs.

Stampings & Springs

HeliCoil® inserts, thinwall inserts, keylocking studs, and drill bushings.

Threaded Inserts

Pre-applied or point-of-use Loctite® and Vibra-Tite® products including threadlockers and adhesives.

Threadlockers & Adhesives