3M Products and Innovation

The 3M company offers trusted high-quality products and operates in a wide range of global industries. Consequently, their company has also become a pillar of innovation. The company is committed to helping companies and individuals do more with less. Moreover, one of their company’s core values matches our own. And that is innovation along with collaboration to solve real-world problems. As such, we are proud to be a supplier of their products, such as:

3M Products Support Several Industries

Although the company was founded in Minnesota, they develop, manufacture, and market worldwide. They have innovated in several industries including consumer goods, automotive, commercial, and more. In the transportation industry alone, 3M has developed abrasives, adhesives, and tools to build safer and more durable modes of transport. Also, they deliver solutions to ensure consistent experiences for commercial markets. These solutions include their films and sheeting for impactful graphics and signage. Significantly, they have over 100 years of automotive experience. Their lightweight solutions have helped revolutionize the painting process. Through an assortment of attachment tapes and wrap films, they offer the possibility to build and maintain quality vehicles.

Committed to Sustainability 

The 3M team invests in scientific exploration. Further, the company plans to face challenges head-on through its long-term strategy for sustainability. They commit to help the world prosper; for example, the company is committed to increasing water efficiency and renewable energy. They have also invested educational resources to advance underrepresented individuals in STEM. So, you know that investing in them and us is an investment in the future.

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