CAM Aerospace Components

Consolidated Aerospace Manufacturing (CAM) is a trusted supplier of high-quality aerospace components. They are committed to the success of their customers and uphold their core values while developing innovative products. These attributes are why Fastener Tool & Supply aligns so well with them.

CAM’s Mission and Core Values

CAM understands that innovation and strategic partnering deliver superior results for their customers. Their main values include excellence, integrity, and teamwork to fulfill their commitment towards success. They continually provide a customer-focused level of professionalism that truly sets them apart. Fastener Tool & Supply is proud to distribute their trusted products that are engineered with integrity and competence.

CAM’s Brands

They have successfully integrated and/or created a diverse set of innovative brands, which include:

  • Voss
  • Prikos & Becker
  • Bristol
  • 3V Fasteners
  • Moeller
  • Aerofit
  • QRP
  • EAP

Voss, for example, has extensive experience in life cycle testing and analysis for their aerospace components. Bristol Industries is located in California and they offer 4,000 active part numbers with OEM part standards and qualifications. Additionally, Moeller Manufacturing & Supply offers 26,000 SKUs made from a wide spectrum of materials

CAM Offers a Wide Range of Premium Products

CAM is a manufacturing solutions provider that handles engineering challenges. They design and manufacture fittings, engineered products, and fasteners. The fittings are designed for low and high-pressure fluids for the aerospace, marine, and nuclear industries. These products include complex tube assemblies, latches, and quick-release pins. They engineered their products to function at a high level of performance. For example, designed, tested, and manufactured their quick-release pins for military, aerospace, automotive, and marine use since 1972. Also, their aerospace and aircraft fasteners include:

  • OEM Self Locking Nuts
  • Gang Channel Nuts
  • Standards and Special bolts
  • Screws
  • Custom Washers
  • Spaces
  • Shims

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