Castrol Motor Oil and Lubricants

Aviation requires high-quality components to ensure safety, efficiency, and sustainability. Yet in an era of global competition, costs must also be factored into the equation. Fortunately, there doesn’t have to be a trade-off between cost and quality because of Castrol’s high-performance products.

Castrol Aerospace Products

Castrol engineers an assortment of products for a variety of applications, but we focus primarily on their aerospace division. This includes gear oils, hydraulic fluids, oils, cleaners, forming fluids, greases, synthetic and neat cutting fluids, and more! In addition to industry-leading products designed to optimize performance, Castrol also enables data-driven, predictive maintenance and genuine environmental excellence that helps to lower energy consumption, reduce waste and significantly cut your CO2 emissions.

Innovation and Sustainability

The brand is also recognizable for its innovation and performance. Moreover, the company has taken part in several historical events while continuing to research and produce sustainable technologies. For example, NASA’s mission to Mars used Castrol lubricants in 2012. They also developed a Marine Bio range in 2008 to help protect ocean life. They continue to develop and test products to integrate with electric cars, minimize water use in metalworking, and improving products to drive down emissions.

Castrol History

Charles Wakefield founded Castrol in 1899 as The Wakefield Oil Company. The company was branded Castrol after researchers innovated and added castor oil to their formulations. In 1919, they created the lubricant of choice for the first trans-Atlantic flight. It quickly became a household name as its branding appeared on banners and flags at competitive aviation events and auto races. They continue to model their company philosophy after their founder who believed that working in partnership with customers was the best way to achieve success for both parties.

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