Shur-Lok Aerospace Fasteners

Shur-Lok is a trusted leader in fastener innovation for high-technology industries. Primarily focused on the aerospace market, they have built a rock-solid reputation by offering dependable products for critical applications.

Solutions for the Most Challenging Aerospace Applications

Shur-Lok provides superior locking devices and fasteners for aerospace applications such as engine module assembly, structural assembly, and rotor blade attachment. Their products can be found in primary structures like aircraft engines, landing gears, wings, and helicopter rotors, along with secondary areas such as aircraft lavatories and interior stow bins.

Shur-Lok is a Leader in World-Class Manufacturing

Shur-Lok creates world-class fasteners by capitalizing on cutting-edge manufacturing technology. They regularly upgrade their equipment and have built their own assembly machines and secondary operation. Their elite manufacturing facilities provide a high degree of flexibility for satisfying both large and small volume production requirements. They cross-train their operators to run most machines, and operators take full responsibility for the total production of each part. We are proud to be an authorized distributor of Shur-Lok products because of their high manufacturing standards.

Shur-Lok Quality Assurance Guarantee

Shur-Lok uses modern equipment, skilled personnel, and extensive quality assurance programs to verify results and make sure their fasteners and components adhere to high-quality standards. Their Quality Assurance system is AS9100 Certified. By setting the highest standards for itself, Shur-Lok has even achieved participation in self-release programs that authorize many of its employees to act as product inspectors. This way, finished products can be shipped quickly to distributors like us without additional examination.

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