SPS Technologies

SPS Technologies has built a reputation as a supplier of some of the most trusted aerospace fasteners and fittings available. We are proud to be an authorized supplier of SPS Technologies so that we can provide our clients with some of the highest quality parts and products. Click the button below to explore the SPS product catalog:

FTS Direct Factory Access

  • PB Fasteners: airframe structural nuts and bolts, standards, specials, fuse pins, SLEEVbolt®, and Taper-Lok®
  • Jenkintown – SPS Tech: high strength nuts, bolts, washers, and associated products
  • Santa Ana – SPS Tech: studs and inserts, nut plates, channel nuts, bolts and screws, panel fasteners, specialty fasteners
  • Greer Stop Nut – SPS Tech: Greer Stop Nut product lines

A Brief History of SPS Technologies

SPS Technologies was founded in Jenkintown, PA in 1903 as the Standard Pressed Steel Company. They have been engineering critical fasteners for human air travel since the early days of aviation. And they have continued to operate from their original 560,000 square foot facility for over 110 years. And all these years later, they still continue to work closely with distributors like Fastener Tool & Supply to meet the needs of the ever-changing aviation and aerospace industries.

A Reputation for High-Quality Aerospace Fasteners

At SPS Technologies, they engineer parts and products with quality, compliance, health, and safety at the forefront of their operations. They are a leading producer of high-quality specialty fasteners, assemblies, and precision components, and they don’t take the important roles of their products lightly. For example, SPS has pioneered many materials, designs, and manufacturing practices that have now become industry standards. They continue to advance the standards of aerospace fasteners to meet the unique, ever-evolving needs of next-generation vehicles and assembly techniques.

High-Performance Fasteners for the Most Demanding Applications

Today, it’s hard to find an aircraft that doesn’t use products from SPS Technologies. For example, their products can be found in engines, wings, fuselages, and landing gear. Turn to Fastener Tool & Supply for all-metal locknuts and bolts, non-metallic insert locknuts, and other critical fasteners from SPS in a variety of materials and platings.

At Fastener Tool & Supply, we pride ourselves on our ability to satisfy all your high-performance fastener requirements. That’s why we’re a proud distributor of aerospace fasteners from SPS. They adhere to advanced quality standards to control every stage of production so they can meet the most stringent requirements. Every product from SPS Technologies has only one quality level – the quality level you demand.

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