Stanley Engineered Fastening Supply

Stanley Engineered Fastening is the global leader in precision fastening and assembly solutions. They have been revolutionizing fastening and assembly technologies for almost a century, and we are proud to be a certified supplier of their products. Stanley focuses on remaining at the forefront of technology innovation, so we supply their products to ensure that our customers may benefit from the most advanced fasteners and assembly solutions available. They boast the world’s most diverse portfolio of fastening products, featuring industry-leading brands such as:

Stanley is a Worldwide Leader in Engineered Fastening Solutions

Backed by a team of passionate and responsive problem-solvers, Stanley Engineered Fastening empowers engineers who are changing the world. Stanley understands that their products aren’t the end product; they are made to elevate what our customers create and champion their impact on the world. They enable others to accelerate innovation, chase bigger outcomes, pursue new challenges, and solve critical problems by utilizing their high-quality engineered fastening solutions.

Highly Durable and Functional Aerospace Fasteners

Stanley Engineered Fastening manufactures solutions for several different industries. However, their products are especially well-suited to surpass the demanding needs of the aerospace sector. You can find their trusted aerospace fasteners in engines, wings, fuselages, and landing gear of personal aircraft, jumbo jets, and even NASA space shuttles. Plus, Stanley even acquired Consolidated Aerospace Manufacturing (CAM) to grow their ever-expanding catalog of aerospace fasteners, whose products we also supply. Their products include:

  • Aerospace fasteners
  • Fittings
  • Couplings
  • Latches
  • Quick release pins
  • Tubing subassemblies
  • Other complex components and assembled products

CAM brands also include Bristol Industries, Aerofit, Voss Industries, and 3V Fasteners.

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