Trelleborg O Rings, Elastomer Seals and Polymer Seals

Trelleborg is a global leader in engineered polymer products with over 60 years of experience in the aerospace industry. Their high quality products provide the optimum seal for critical aviation applications. Some of the most popular Trelleborg products we offer include O Rings, elastomer seals, high-temperature gaskets, polymer seals, airseals, diaphragms, and other aircraft sealing solutions.

Trelleborg Reputation and Quality Assurance

Trelleborg provides its customers with the most appropriate, cost-effective sealing solutions. They work globally through local distributors like Fastener Tool and Supply, focusing on being the supply partner of first choice within multiple markets by providing leading technology.

They understand that customer satisfaction is achieved by meeting the technical and economic needs of their customers. In addition, their quality management team ensures that every phase of their development and manufacturing processes is always top class.

Proven Aerospace O Rings, Polymer and Elastomer Seals

Their products provide proven performance in aerospace engines, wheels, brakes, landing gear, fuel controls, flight controls, actuation, interiors and aircraft airframe applications. Trelleborg products integrate into aerospace systems in a wide range of materials and coatings. They can be designed to specification or to print, and can operate in high operating temperatures over 2,000°F. Their products also align with our VMI Solutions and DigitalBins programs. If interested, please contact us to learn more about setting up these time- and cost-saving solutions for your business.

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Please contact us to request a quote for Trelleborg sealing solutions such as O Rings, gaskets, elastomer seals, polymer seals, diaphragms or products from our other high-quality suppliers. Our sales representatives will be happy to help you address your needs.