Vendor Managed Inventory Technology

Our Vendor Managed Inventory technology integrates supply chain management into real-time monitoring to improve production processes and workflows! View our inventory management systems below and request a live demo.


Integrate this high-tech custom inventory management system to automate industrial replenishment and distribution processes, providing real-time inventory monitoring on a digital portal that provides visibility from anywhere in the world. Simplify your picking-and-receiving process with innovative Digital Bins:


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Digital Bins  Digital Bin Locker


Utilize industrial vending solutions to simplify your warehouse transaction processes. With cutting-edge inventory management software included, these high-tech asset distribution systems can be customized to fit your needs.


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Auto Crib VMI Solutions    

Just in Time Solutions (JIT)

To strike the right balance between capitalizing on market demand and keep your inventory costs down, our Just-in-Time (JIT) solutions help streamline your warehouse processes. We integrate JIT programs into a variety of different supply chain services to provide the solution that best fits your business. Ensure uninterrupted production runs without building up excess inventory with these specialized JIT programs:

Kanban – Control your inventory levels with a Kanban scheduling system for lean, just-in-time manufacturing. Utilize virtual bins or level-loaded bins to quickly replenish needed items.

Consignment – Discover high-tech inventory tracking and auditing software to manage your inventory, sales, customer accounts, and reporting.

Min/Max Inventory Monitoring – Collect up-to-the-minute inventory reports and utilize helpful reordering systems that integrate seamlessly with many management systems and ERPs.

Point of Use & Line Stocking – Configurable vending options help you manage access to indirect materials and achieve greater control over your consumable inventory. Stop wasting precious storeroom space by moving your MRO, PPE, and other high-use consumables within reach on the shop floor.

Direct ShipConnect with Fastener Tool & Supply to discover how you can utilize our services to ship your products directly to your customers.

In-Plant Warehousing & Product Fulfillment Services – Procure an on-site stocking location that feeds inventory to your production line in near real-time. We even provide reliable product fulfillment services as an added value that enables our clients to meet order distribution opportunities.

VMI Solution Services

We want to simplify your warehouse and fulfillment processes. Discover additional Vendor Managed Inventory solutions that Fastener Tool & Supply provides:

KittingContact us to discuss how you can take the time and energy out of putting individual items together for your product ready to ship.

Assembly – With the tools for the job and a team you can rely on, let us handle your product components and prepare it for distribution.

Custom Packaging – Safely ship your products while standing apart from your competition with premium custom branded packaging and crating.

Line Feed & Ship to Stock – We understand your production schedule and anticipate your needs. Entire assembly lines can rely on a single element, so we provide line feed and ship-to-stock operations that you can depend on.

Warehouse Management – Optimize warehouse functionality and organize your product distribution with VMI Solutions from Fastener Tool & Supply to ensure timely delivery and satisfied customers.

Logistics Services (3PL, 4PL) – Trusted logistics services for not only your shipments, but for your entire supply chain. Meet every requirement in your process from the point of origin to the point of use.